T e c h n o l o g y
t h a t   c r e a t e s   v a l u e

  • Innovative positioning technology

    CNPS uses high precision location technology to create a variety of values.
    CNPS utilizes high-precision location technology in a wide range of applications,
    from surveying field that requires high accuracy to sports.


  • Leader in live TVG


  • AI, beyond sports data

    As a leader in golf data in South Korea, CNPS has developed a technology for measuring accurate
    distance data quickly and easily, and has introduced it to men's and women's professional golf.
    We want to move beyond golf and advance data technologies in other sports.

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    • #KLPGA data press kit system

    • 2001
      - Incorporation of CNPS Co., Ltd.
    • 2002
      - Operation of TVG in every events
      in Busan Asian Games
      - Appointed an agent cooperative company
      of KBSN Technology Research Institute
    • 2003
      - Development and operation of TVG
      program for Daegu Summer Universiad
      - Development of TVG for 11 golf tournaments such as Nine Bridges Classic,
      SBS Golf tournament, etc.
    • 2004
      - Production of TVG for all golf games
      broadcasted by KBS, SBS
      - Successful development of coder system in every sports events in
      SBS Sports and KBSN sports
    • 2005
      - Linkage of real-time data on SBS
      Election broadcasting
      - Development and operation of TVG
      broadcasting of KBS National Sports Festival
    • 2006
      - Development / broadcasting data/CG
      of World Cup in Germany for SBS
      - Conclusion of the agreement of development and operation for broadcasting / electronic display /
      CG of Daegu Pre-Championship with SsangYong Information & Communications Corp.
      - Development and operation of boat racing coder
      for Sports Promotion Foundation to
      commemorate Seoul Olympic Games
    • 2007
      - Appointed an official scoring partner of KLPGA
      - Development and operation of CG in
      Daegu Pre-Championship
      - Development and supply of VIZRT election broadcasting S/W of SBS 17th
      presidential election
    • 2008
      - Conclusion of the exclusive agreement of S/W
      for SBS Space Korea (launching of spacecraft)
      - Appointed an official scoring partner of KPGA
      - Development of coder system for the
      text generator in CJ Home shopping
    • 2009
      - CG / Coder / Operation of
      Daegu Pre-Championship
      - Delivery of DMS edit, broadcasting
      subtitle device to CJ Systems
    • 2010
      - Production of KLPGA media guide book
      - Development of Golfzon G-Tour web
      - Statistics survey on equipement used by
      top-tier tour players in KPGA / KLPGA
    • 2011
      - Sales of Daum on-line broadcasting right of KB Financial Group Million Yard Cup
      (KGT Korea-Japan game)
      - Registration of patent on the subtitle provision system (Registration number: 10-1035782)
      - Release of KPGA / KLPGA official mobile Apps
    • 2012
      - Selection of project research on the sports industry technology development by Ministry of Culture,
      Sports and Tourism / Korea Sports Promotion Foundation
      - Production of graphic program to be transmitted
      in SBS 18th presidential election
    • 2013
      - Conclusion of agreement for the official scoring partner of KPGA / KLPGA
      - Establishment and operation of TVG of Asian
      Indoor & Martial Arts Games in Incheon
      - Development of coder system for JTBC World Baseball Classic (WBC)
    • 2014
      - Development and supply of real-time data linkage S/W for
      VIPON and VIZRT of nationwide local election
      - Establishment and operation of
      TVG of Incheon Asian Games
      - Self-development of the template builder of text generator (Coder template)
    • 2015
      - International signal production TVG of Gyeongbuk Munkyung World Military Sports Festival
      - Production of virtual graphics in boat racing and the operation of
      TVG in Gwangju Summer Universiad
    • 2016
      - Development and operation of international signal
      TVG of WTF (World Taekwondo Federation)
      - Development and operation of TVG
      coder system for Korea Speed Festival
      - Participation in the development of technology of comprehensive contents production server
      for UHD broadcasting of Ministry of Science,
      ICT and Future Planning
    • 2017
      - Operation agreement of tournament records measurement system (cmpro) of KPGA Korea Tour
      - Development of real-time data linkage S/W for the presidential election on Yonhap News TV
      - Appointed as a location information business owner
    • 2018
      - Production of TVG transmission system in 2018 Jakarta / Palembang Asian Games for Swiss Timing
      - Overall agreement on the production system of SBS CNPS Golf Broadcasting
      - Development agreement of transmission in LG U+ Omni broadcasting for KLPGA
    • 2019
      - Provision agreement of Kakao
      KPGA / KLPGA contents
      - Establishment of K-ranking in KLPGA
      - SPORT MARKETING AWARDS 2019 winner
      - Provision cmpro (town gas pipe location survey system) for CNCITY
    • 2020
      - Solution of real-time data on SBS 21th Election broadcasting
      - KLPGA shot tracker system development and operation (web/mobile)
      - K LEAGUE broadcasting graphic system production
      - Provision cmpro (town gas pipe location survey system) nationwide
    • 2021
      - Registration of patent on the golf relay system for real-time movement measurement of mobile reference stations (Registration number: 10-2232241)
      - Development and provision of laser combined cmpro for shaded area
    • 2022
      - Development and Operation of SBS 20th Presidential Election Broadcasting Graphic Transmission System
      - SBS 2022 Beijing Olympics Broadcasting graphic transmission system
      - K-League broadcasting graphics & coders development and operation
      - Graphic Transmission System for the 8th National Local Election
    • 2023
      - SBS CG production / Coder development / Operation for 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC)
      - 2023 K-League broadcasting graphics & coders development and operation